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Support, Education 
& Training (ASSET)

YFSVA #1 in Autism Support Services

Take a look at our events page to see our social club events!


Welcome to the official website for the ASSET Program! Check out our services, our staff, and upcoming events! 

The Asset Program At-A-Glance:

- Intensive In-Home Program
- Early Intervention Center

- Educational Consultant Services

- ADOS-2 Assessments

- Community Outings

- Parent Support Groups

- Summer Camps

- Social Clubs

The Asset Program Features:


  • Highly Trained Clinical Staff

  • Individualized Programming

  • Cutting Edge Evidence-Based Intervention Approaches

  • Curriculum Modification and Accomodations

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments & Communication Assessments

  • Multi-Tier Behavioral Teams

  • Parent & Family Coaching 

  • Electronic Data Collection and Graphing

  • Flexible Hours

  • 24 Hour Crisis Support

  • Passion, Dedication, and Enthusiasm




Early Intervention For Toddlers With Autism Highly Effective, Study Finds

A novel early intervention program for very young children with autism – some as young as 18 months – is effective for improving IQ, language ability, and social interaction, a comprehensive new study has found.

Autism: The Hidden Epidemic

As seen on

"One of the factors in a good Autism prognosis is early intervention," says Dr. Sally Ozonoff, associate professor of psychiatry at the MIND Institute at the University of California.

Gage Speaks: How an IPad and Innovative Thinking Gave Voice to ....


View this touching video illustrating how innovative thinking and a family's commitment to overcome the challenges of Autism made a difference in their child's life.

Our new location! 


We are excited to announce that the ASSET program is established and running in the Tappahannock area! We are offering our in-home program and ADOS-2/ADI-R assessments across the Tappahannock area. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most effective treatment for children diagnosed with Autism.  Over the past 50 years, thousands of published studies have documented the effectiveness of ABA for increasing a wide variety of skills and decreasing challenging behaviors.  The goal of ABA is to facilitate enduring behavioral changes resulting in enhanced quality of life.  It has demonstrated lasting and positve behavior change.





What is Autism? - Know the signs

Early Diagnosis and

Treatment is the Key

Study after study conducted over several decades has shown that the earlier a child can be diagnosed and treated for Autism the greater the child's chances to achieve significant and lasting changes in their developmental behavior allowing them to lead more normal and productive lives.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has seen an alarming escalation rate, with experts now calculating that 1 in 52 children are falling on the spectrum.  The Autism Society of America estimates that one and a half million Americans meet criteria for the diagnosis ...

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